Alessandra Brustolon Zorzi




Alessandra Zorzi was born in Treviso within a family of publishers. She graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Venice with a thesis on Piazza Fontana in Milan. She took on painting with continuity in the late 80s. Across the decades, she has been developing a signature figurative language which is fluid and detached from definable frameworks and schools; she likes to define it “pop-expressionist”. Among her public exihibitions, the following are particularly worthy of note: “Totem e tabù” (1998) at la Casa dei Carraresi in Treviso (exhibition curator: Marco Goldin); “Abramennone a Babelopoli” (2003) at Palazzo Racani-Arroni (Spoleto) and “Viaggio a Babelopoli” (2005) at Maschio Angioino (Naples), both curated by Martina Corgnati; “Interni di Babelopoli” (2007) at Palazzo Ducale (Mantova) curated jointly by Martina Corgnati and Carlo Micheli ; “Gabbie per Signora” (2011), at Magazzini del Sale (Venice), curated by Carlo Montanaro; and finally “Il Matto, la Morte e il Diavolo” (2013) at the Complesso del Vittoriano (Roma), curated by Claudio Strinati.